ImmunoLogik expands management

Besides the managing director Christian Setz, Lars Siegert joins ImmunoLogik GmbH a managing director. With this step the shareholders give an important impulse for the direction of the successful development of the company with two managing directors from science and business.

This decision reflects the maturation of ImmunoLogik as a development company and that the management so far done solely by the scientific head of the ImmunoLogik Dr. Christian Setz is not the most sensible option anymore. Christian Setz will continue the management of all scientific subject matters whereas Lars Siegert will cover all commercial aspects.

Christian Setz welcomes this step ”In order to address the future comprehensive tasks of the ImmunoLogik as fast and best as possible, it is an important and good step to expand the management. In the past few years, I already worked with Lars Siegert very closely and successfully, thus his appointment as commercial managing director is just the next logical step. I am looking forward to continuing the successful collaboration with him.”

Since his inception as Business Development Manager at the chief shareholder of the ImmunoLogik, the Athenion Group, Lars Siegert was closely involved in the business development of the ImmunoLogik. Since then, Lars Siegert supported the shareholders and the managing director Dr. Christian Setz in commercial and strategic subjects and is familiar with the company like no other. In these years he proved that he understands and lives the mission, strategies and values of the ImmunoLogik in the fight against virus infections.

Before his inception to the Athenion Group he gained experiences in the field of management consulting and business development in various companies, industries and countries. Lars Siegert studied Business Law LL.B. at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck and Napier University Edinburgh and Management & Business Development at the Leuphana University Luneburg.

Lars Siegert performs his new role in addition to his current role as business development manager at ImmunoLogik’s chief shareholder Athenion. Therewith, we as drug development company get the necessary competencies from both worlds – science and business. Because from a certain development stage such a company risen from science needs beside the excellent scientific groundwork business expertise in order to make progress with its mission in the biotech industry.

Lars Siegert is happy about this step: ”The ImmunoLogik was always one of my favorite projects, where I was convinced of its mission and scientific expertise and supported as the business development manager of the Athenion Group where I could. Therefore, I am even more delighted to intensify the collaboration with the team of the ImmunoLogik and Christian Setz and to contribute to the fight against virus infections with my business expertise.“